How long is the Personal loan offer valid for?

  The broker has the authority to perform on behalf of the lenders actual activities related to the conclusion of credit or loan agreements (acceptance of applications, presentation of offers, collection and processing of personal data, identification and verification of identity, receipt of consents and statements) and in some cases the authorization to perform legal Read More

Why craftsmen should check their creditworthiness

Creditworthiness stands for creditworthiness – and thus for your ability to repay a loan in accordance with the contract. A lender uses a credit check to determine whether you and your company are financially sound in order to meet a payment obligation as agreed. If the credit check is good, it will lend you money. Read More

Better creditworthiness through debt restructuring bank information center

  How you can improve your credit rating with a debt rescheduling The rescheduling of your existing business loan can be useful for many reasons. Both your credit rating and the interest rates offered by the banks change over time. You can use these changes to your advantage to improve your creditworthiness and to save Read More

Credit rating: what is it?

The term creditworthiness is generally equated with creditworthiness. It describes the probability that a private individual or a company can repay a loan taken out. Conversely, it describes the risk of default. To simplify this, the creditworthiness is recorded quantitatively using a numerical value. This is called a credit score. Creditworthiness is therefore a decisive Read More

How to calculate the budget you need to finance your project

    One of the most frequent doubts about financing projects with crowdlending is how to make a budget that fits your needs correctly. When you are going to ask for a loan, you may have doubts about what you should take into account to calculate the total amount, since without that calculation you could Read More


Many times we have found ourselves in situations where we need urgent money for different reasons and we cannot acquire it easily and quickly. This makes us borrow or borrow money from a friend, lender or family member, finding ourselves in a situation that is not simple, since we must return it in an estimated Read More

Online Payday Loans Without Going To The Bank

Life without the Internet has become unthinkable. We can do anything through wire. In just a few mouse clicks, we can buy sneakers from the United States, cycling equipment traveling from Thailand, or simply transfer money from your account. These are all the magic of internet banking that make it easy for us to make Read More

What financial stage are you in?

Income behavior marks well-differentiated stages or financial cycles throughout life: The first stage, which goes until the age of 18, is the period of basic education and is characterized as a period without income, a period of dependence on parents. At this stage the brain acquires and stores most of the financial paradigms that will Read More

Let’s Get to Know the Letter of Credit Documented!

Ever heard of documented letters or letters of credit? A documented credit letter is a statement issued by the bank based on the request of the applicant who is also the customer of the bank. This letter of credit is made as a form of request for the provision of funds in a certain amount Read More