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Parents of LGBTQIA teens are offered uplifting support


Salt Lake City, Utah, July 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Elevations RTC recently announced the creation of a new support group specifically for parents of LGBTQIA children. This local Salt Lake City treatment center is known to help people heal. They believe that having a strong family support system at home is crucial for every LGBTQIA child.

Building a healthy family support system

Without a strong support system at home, many families can become disconnected from each other. Not knowing the right way to be there and for your child when they want to open up could take a toll on your relationship. If the right steps are not taken, families could fall apart.

This is why Elevations RTC is very committed to its parent support group. With the right support and the right communication, families can come together and stay in the know. Elevations RTC is keen to work with families to make it easier to stay together and is flexible with their schedules to help them adjust to busy schedules.

Why a family support system is important for LGBTQIA children

The world is pretty cruel. When LGBTQIA kids come home, it’s supposed to be their place of safety. While many parents want to be there for their children, they are unsure of the right way to get them to open up. RTC Elevation Parent Support Groups provide parents with helpful tips and resources to become a support system their child can trust.

Group therapy has helped many parents build closer relationships with their children. Not only has this helped them create a safe space for their LGBTQIA child to open up, but it also creates an open path for communication to build a stronger relationship in the future.

Elevations RTC understands that each parent takes the news of their child’s release differently. They want people to know that they are not bad parents if the news was not treated in the warmest way. Their family therapy sessions are focused on improving the future of parents and their LGBTQIA children.

Support focused on staying together

RTC Elevations staff are committed to helping all family members build a strong support system at home. While the LGBTQIA child is the one going through major changes, that doesn’t mean the parents don’t need support as well. Some parents have mixed feelings about the news and these support groups focus on their healthy expression.

What many people don’t realize is that family members also need support in dealing with their feelings. It is not at all selfish. RTC Elevations designed these therapy groups to help parents figure out how they are feeling in a healthy way so that they can be strong for their children.

This is why these groups are dedicated to helping all families. Elevations RTC can help all parents find healthy solutions for their family members to talk to each other.


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