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10 new concept cars that we hope will go into production soon



Even with the global pandemic, automakers have kept themselves busy behind the scenes with unique special concept cars to impress and grab the attention of gearboxes, only to then be made in history as what could have been. Of course, there have been a few notable exceptions, with Audi’s TT Coupe appearing more or less unchanged on dealership forecourts, overall this is an exception to the process.

With the best creative talent showing what the automakers can do, it’s almost criminal that most never see the light of day. We believe that automakers should use a positive vote system, the more “likes” a design gets, the closer the production gets to mainstream production. Here are 10 of the most recent concept cars we hope to see in production.

Polestar precept concept

Polestar Precept - Before

Via WSupercars

Volvo’s Polestar subdivision has an ambitious vision for the future that could be closer than you think. Its Precept concept making its public debut in late 2020 could hit dealerships in 2022 – details are a bit hazy at the moment.

Polestar Precept - Rear

Via WSupercars

If production continues, what can we expect from the avant-garde EV concept? In its early days, Polestar made some impressive statements about the technology of tomorrow and not the future, alluding to an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary powertrain. In terms of motivation, the power details are a well-kept secret, with most speculating on a twin-engine setup of around 400bhp.

Mercedes Vision AVTR

Mercedes Vision AVTR - Front

By Mercedes

Dropping two vowels of a movie name and slapping it on the back of the Vision AVTR might sound a bit old-school, but rest assured, Mercedes’ latest concept isn’t old-fashioned.

Mercedes Vision AVTR - Rear

By Mercedes

In Mercedes’ case, AVTR is more of a play on the popularity of the movie, with the acronym standing for Advance Vehicle Transformation giving a clue to the future of how cars “might” be driven. Instead of conventional driver controls, AVTR uses a single multifunctional control pad with biometric interfaces for steering and movement. If and when it goes into production, expect to see a lot of the younger generation PlayStation online for this one.

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Renault Morphoz

Renault Morphoz - Front quarter

Via NetCarShow

Remaining in the unusual, Renault has adopted a slightly different approach but still shifted from the future. The Morphoz is a clever pun describing its ability to Morph, think Transformers on a smaller scale. At first appearance (top image), a mid-size crossover SUV with a fully electric transmission.

Renault Morphoz - Side view

Via NetCarShow

Look again, and you’d be convinced you’re looking for a longer wheelbase version, in reality Renault has created a working concept of the world’s first adaptive chassis and body, capable of growing 8 inches. As you might expect, there are a few tradeoffs, with Morphoz settling for front-wheel drive only with a single drive motor generating 134bhp.

Lincoln Birthday Concept

Lincoln Anniversay - Before

Via Linconln Media

Automotive designers around the world should take inspiration from Lincoln’s book and look to current art students to create their vision of a futuristic city car. The Anniversary concept is one of four designs to reach the finale.

Lincoln Anniversary - Rear

Via Lincoln Media

We don’t know about you, but when was the last time city cars looked this good? City cars are traditionally big sedan-based monsters, not sleek coupes. The winning design might just be a full-scale clay mockup, but if Lincoln puts the Anniversary into production, then sign up.

Audi Skysphere

Audi Skysphere - Front Quarter

Via WSupercars

New automotive innovations are hard to come by these days, which makes the Skypshere all the more intriguing, with Audi offering drivers a choice of grand touring and sports car in one. Rather than just sticking a big engine to the front of a comfortable GT, Audi has taken a similar path to Renault’s Morphoz.

Audi Skysphere - Rear Quarter

Via WSupercars

Dubbed the Variable Wheelbase, it only takes a push of a button to extend its wheelbase by 25cm and at the same time lower the ride height for improved driving dynamics and comfort. A high-tech sports cruiser for those seeking the utmost in sophistication and performance, Skysphere comes with a rear-wheel drive EV engine setup promising 620 hp and a range of 310 miles.

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Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow - Green

Via CarPixel

Mercedes engineers have teased gearboxes with a handful of Silver Arrow concepts over the past few years, none of which, despite enormous engineering and design resources, has ever gone beyond the occasional prototype and the few posts on it. social networks.

Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow - Rear

Via CarPixel

A recreational nod to the famous Silver Arrow racers of the 1930s updated with carbon fibers coated with several perfect coats of Mercedes alubeam silver paint, gives the impression of the classic bare metal finish. Oversized multi-spoke wheels adorned with illusory non-rotating hubs mimic the classic open-wheel design, Mercedes leans heavily on its past. However, the EQ Silver Arrow makes a concession to modern design, with a 730bhp EV powertrain replacing internal combustion.

Porsche 919 Street

Porsche-919-Street --- Front Quarter-1

By Porsche

A Porsche road concept car that bears a striking resemblance to the brand’s LMP1 racers who do not need to “adapt” to road use, leaving gearboxes scratching their heads wondering why Porsche is ‘is stopped before production.

Porsche 919 Street - Rear Quarter

By Porsche

It’s hard to discern how much the 919 street has in common with its on-track cousin, while the front is pure racer, the rear bears hints of production models, including the unique top-vented exhaust system. of the 918 Spyder. If someone in Stuttgart had given the 919 the green light, it surely would have been up there with the fastest production cars with a 900 hybrid powertrain.

DS Aero Sport Lounge

DS Aero Sport - Front

Via DS Media

Everyone and their dog jump on the “prestige” decision train, DS, the high-end branch of the French group PSA, responsible for attracting premium buyers. The DS Aero Sport Lounge concept gets off to a good start, with crisp modern styling on a mid-size crossover SUV platform.

DS Aero Sport - Side

Via DS Media

It’s inside that DS pushed the boat, nothing more common than slide-in infotainment screens, opting for a more futuristic mix of dashboard projections and heads-up displays for the driver, leaving the cabin strangely devoid of the usual myriad of buttons, switches, and gauges. Beneath the comfort frame of your average living room hides the sporty side, with a 671bhp all-electric powertrain propelling its occupants to sixty in 2.8 seconds.

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Hyundai prophecy

Hyundai Prophecy - Front

Via WSupercars

Sporting a mysteriously minimalist exterior design, the Hyundai Prophecy is a disturbing statement less is more with little to no body surface detail, adding to “what car is this?” enigma.

Hyundai Prophecy - Rear

Via WSupercars

If the exterior is impressive, then opening one of its doors reveals a cockpit that wouldn’t look out of place in Star Trek, nothing as mundane as a steering wheel, with two-handed controls taking care of both steering and propulsion. In front of the driver, a simple, clean interior announces that the future is closer than you think.

Gran Turismo Promotions

Jaguar Vision GT

Jaguar Vision GT – Via Pinterest

Times have changed, the best concept cars are no longer to be seen at auto shows or special dealer appearances, instead an increasing number of car manufacturers are using digital outlets for their latest concept creations. Gaming is big business, Sony’s Gran Turismo due for release in 2022 has some of the best concepts we’ve ever seen, at least in digital form we can drive them.

Fordzilla P1

Fordzilla P1 GT – Via WSupercars

Jaguar’s GT Vision and similarly styled Fordzilla P1 hypercar concepts only exist in digital form, and game sales exceeding those of tickets to your annual auto show will no doubt be seen by many. If only these jaw-dropping digital masterpieces were a sign of what Ford, Jaguar, and every other automaker had in mind.

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