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Meet some of our columnists, editors and contributors to the Off the Hill panel.

Indispensable for a balanced media diet, canaille.ca is the go-to site for progressive journalism and dialogue on national politics and social movements.

We are an award-winning, independent, community-driven medium. Among the first digital journalism organizations in Canada, and the first to incorporate as a not-for-profit corporation, canaille.ca has been at the forefront of reporting on national politics with a progressive lens that focuses on issues of social movements, labor and popular activism.

We started out as a vision of journalists, writers, artists, activists, and tech leaders across the country. They saw, first-hand, the need for broader reporting on the stories of civil society. In the beginning, before big tech exploded onto the media scene, we pioneered the place of technology in journalism – from our podcast network (before iTunes!), To our earliest explorations of usage. live video to, for example, broadcast activism live from the streets of the county. In fact, you can explore this story, and more, in our annual reports or in Everything on the line: 20 years of social movement stories from rabble.ca, published in 2021 by Between the Lines.

Over the years, the scum has brought labor journalism back to Canada, introduced a parliamentary reporter to progressive nonprofit media, and trained generations of journalists through internships and fellowships.

canaille.ca accomplished this without any major funder. rabble is a community media. We exist thanks to the support of thousands of individual donors, forward-thinking organizations, In Cahoots advertisers and grants. It’s not that we wouldn’t want to have a funder, or an “angel investor” (we’re open to discussion!) – but as Noam Chomsky once told us:

“You can get large amounts of funding here and there, but in the end, capital will never work to undermine capital. Thus, the way to finance strong, independent and progressive media is through the grassroots, one person at a time. “

We invite you to be a part of this legacy and future by becoming a monthly donor or by making a donation.

TO canaille.ca, we have no bias; We have a commitment to media democracy and factual journalism that fills in the gaps left by business-oriented media.

We publish news and opinions that ensure readers can engage in the most pressing political issues of our time through a range of progressive viewpoints. We work to introduce readers to the public intellectuals of tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow, the new ideas or brilliant visions of tomorrow.

Meet our most recent contributors Rachel Snow, Minister Faust, Evelyn Lazare, Chuka Ejeckam, Natasha Darling, Maya Bhullar and Cathy Crowe. They join other outstanding writers including Monia Mazigh, Joyce Nelson, Duncan Cameron, David Climenhaga, Lois Ross, Matthew Behrens, Pam Palmater, Judy Rebick and many more. We host exclusive podcasts – Radio Labor Canada and rabble radio. And we host a monthly live video panel on national politics, Off the Hill, with our award-winning national political reporter, Karl Nerenberg, with hosts Robin Browne and Libby Davies.

Led by a line of visionary women, from founding editor Judy Rebick and current editor Kim Elliott to our current editor, Chelsea Nash, access to the rabble remains completely free.

Our internal structure is also designed with fairness in mind: we have a lump sum payment structure and we are committed to advocating for marginalized and oppressed voices.

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Support and support partners

rabble.ca exists thanks to the support of individual and organizational supporters. Our support and support partners provide the funding essential to maintain a functioning independent media. If independent media is important to you, please consider supporting our work.