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AWS Announces Availability of its Version 3.0 Cloud Adoption Framework


AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is designed to help AWS customers create and execute a comprehensive plan for their digital transformation. And recently the company announced the availability of version 3.0 of their CAF.

The new version incorporates what the company has learned since the release of version 2.0, with a focus on digital transformation and a focus on data and analytics. It now identifies six groups of fundamental perspectives (Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security and Operations), totaling 47 distinct functionalities, compared to 31 in the previous version. And from there, he identifies four areas of transformation (Technology, Process, Organization and Product) that must be part of a successful digital transformation.

Source: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/aws-cloud-adoption-framework-caf-3-0-is-now-available/

AWS CAF recommends a set of four iterative and incremental cloud transformation phases based on transformation areas and foundational capabilities. These phases are:

  • To consider phase provided through an interactive workshop led by a facilitator who will help an organization identify transformation opportunities and lay the groundwork for their digital transformation.
  • Align phase, which is again provided by a facilitator-led workshop to identify capacity gaps across core capacities resulting in an action plan.
  • To throw phase leading to the creation and delivery of production ready pilot programs showing incremental business benefits.
  • Climb phase to scale up the pilot projects to the desired scale while achieving the expected and desired business results.

In an AWS CAF 101 blog post, Piyush Jalan, senior cloud consultant, concluded:

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework shows how businesses can learn to align their cloud strategies and goals with their business plans and goals. It helps companies identify gaps in their current organizational capabilities and develop workflows to fill those gaps.

Each major public cloud provider offers a framework for adopting their respective platforms. AWS competitor Microsoft offers a cloud adoption framework for Azure, and Google also provides one. All of these frameworks provide a way to align business and technology agendas with simplifying choices for moving forward, indicating and minimizing risk before, during and after deployment or migration to the cloud.

Charles Collier, Director, Transformation & Strategy at Lucernys, said in a Tweeter:

The switch to #cloud is more and more common. However, this requires the right framework.

Besides, David das Neves, director at MediaMarktSaturn, tweeted Referring to the top three cloud providers and their cloud adoption frameworks:

In my humble opinion, you have to choose the best of them that fits YOUR, business, YOUR culture and YOUR strategy.

Finally, more details about CAF are available on the home page.