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Cavotec tasked with proof of concept work for new mining truck


Last month, Cavotec, a company that designs and supplies connection and electrification solutions to enable the decarbonization of ports and industrial applications, won an order which it says marks its entry into industrial battery charging for heavy duty vehicles.

The order in question, worth over 3 million euros ($3.2 million), was for the supply of a proof-of-concept battery charging system for a leading green power to enable high voltage charging of electrically powered heavy mining operations. trucks in a mining application in Australia. The project was to be delivered from early 2023, he said.

Excited by this proof-of-concept work, Cavotec went so far as to say that the order and its work on the order could open up a market estimated at several hundred million euros in the years to come.

Although a connection and battery charging system for mining is new territory for Cavotec, the company name is not new to mining.

Its electrification, power distribution and automation systems have been used by BHP, Codelco, Pilbara Minerals, Rio Tinto and Vale, among others. He has also worked with OEMs such as Epiroc, Caterpillar, FAM, FLSmidth, Joy Global (Komatsu), TAKRAF, thyssenkrupp, Sandvik, Aumund Group, Caterpillar, Normet (Spraymec pictured above) and Metso Outotec, among others. on the development of solutions.

And, added to that, the company already has experience with fast, high-power charging solutions for marine applications.

I AM contacted Memed Üzel, Commercial Director of Cavotec, to find out how the company combines all this experience to realize the project.

Memed Üzel, Commercial Director of Cavotec

IM: How do you adapt your high-powered, fast-charging marine solutions for a heavy-duty mining truck application? What are the similarities between the two apps from a charging perspective?

UM: The similarity between the two is the requirement to provide a reliable, high-power, high-speed connection, which we have gained a lot of experience with over the past few years through our marine applications. Our connection solutions are always designed and manufactured with the harsh conditions in mind. Our connectors operate in a wide variety of temperature and humidity levels while ensuring serviceability and easy maintenance.

Unlike consumer applications for electric automobiles, Cavotec connectors in industrial and marine applications are designed to be used several times a day reliably throughout their lifetime while ensuring a secure connection on the first try. On the charging side, we have the possibility of using both a proprietary interface and a standard interface to communicate with the vehicle battery from the first connection to the end of the charging cycle.

IM: How will your existing mining experience with electrification, power distribution and automation systems enable you to adapt marine solutions for mining?

UM: Cavotec draws on decades of experience in providing electrification, power distribution and automation systems in the mining sector. Mastery of mining equipment specifications and requirements makes Cavotec the one stop solution provider for all mining equipment manufacturers.

IM: Can you explain some of the architectural details around this proof-of-concept system? Is it charged via cable, overhead, etc. ? What size battery will it charge? What are the expectations for charging time and power rating?

UM: Details of the final solution will be revealed at launch. At this time, we cannot comment on the details of the technical solution. We will make an official reveal announcement jointly with the customer at that time.

IM: Are you working directly with the mining company, OEM or systems integrator on this project? Is this a client you have worked with before?

UM: As we are bound by confidentiality at this stage of the project, we cannot comment on this yet. Typically, depending on the industry and application, we tend to work with OEMs, system integrators, or end users.

IM: Is this the only battery charging mining project you are currently working on? Do you work on underground projects, for example? Again, is this directly with the OEMs or the mining companies?

UM: Cavotec is active in a wide variety of industrial applications, including mining. We have seen interest increase rapidly for industrial charging projects.