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Credo AI Announces World’s First Responsible AI Governance Platform

  • A new wave of upcoming global, federal, and state AI regulations require organizations to prepare and build a robust approach to responsible AI governance

  • Credo AI’s responsible AI platform is scalable and customizable, focused on AI impact assessment and risk management – it’s the only context-based AI governance solution on the market to help organizations define responsible AI requirements based on the regulatory and business context to build lasting trust with AI

  • Credo AI also offers its AI/ML technical evaluation framework, Credo AI Lens, as open source, making it easier for technical development teams to evaluate their ML models for fairness, performance, and explainability.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AI Creedthe company behind the world’s first comprehensive, contextual governance solution for AI, today announced the availability of its Responsible AI Platform, a SaaS product that gives organizations the tools to standardize and evolve their approach to responsible AI.

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While clear standards, benchmarks, and regulatory regulations are still emerging, many organizations are struggling to put their AI principles into practice and figure out what “right” looks like for their IT systems. AI. Credo AI’s Responsible AI Platform helps companies operationalize Responsible AI by providing contextual AI risk and compliance assessment wherever they are in their AI journey.

Credo AI helps cross-functional teams align with responsible AI requirements for fairness, performance, transparency, privacy, security and more based on the business and regulatory context by choosing from guards -Out-of-the-box, use-case based policy crazes. Additionally, the platform makes it easy for teams to assess whether their AI use cases meet these requirements through technical assessments of ML models, datasets, and querying of development processes. .

The platform, which was built on cross-industry learnings in regulated and unregulated spaces, is complemented by Credo AI Lens, Credo AI’s open-source assessment framework that makes comprehensive AI assessment accountable more structured and interpretable for organizations of all sizes.

The responsible AI platform version of Credo AI also includes the following features:

  • Seamless assessment integrations: Credo AI ingests programmatic model and dataset ratings from Credo AI Lens and automatically translates them into risk scores in identified AI risk domains such as fairness, performance, privacy, and security

  • Multiparty alignment: Credo AI brings together product, data science, and oversight teams to align with the right governance requirements based on business and regulatory context

  • Adjustable risk-based monitoring: Credo AI allows teams to fine-tune the level of human governance in the loop needed based on the risk level of the use case

  • Out-of-the-box regulatory readiness: Credo AI provides gap analysis between off-the-shelf guardrails that operationalize industry standards, as well as existing and upcoming regulations

  • Guarantee and certificate: Credo AI serves as a central repository for governance evidence automates the creation of critical governance artifacts, including decision provenance audit trails, model and AI use case maps and verified AI risk and compliance reports

  • AI Vendor Risk Management: Credo AI also enables organizations to easily assess AI risk and compliance of third-party AI/ML products and models through a dedicated vendor risk assessment portal.

“Credo AI aims to be a sherpa for companies in their Responsible AI initiatives to provide AI oversight and accountability, and define what their AI framework looks like,” said Navrina Singh , founder and CEO of Credo AI. “We have launched a contextual, comprehensive and seamless solution to deliver Responsible AI. Companies must align themselves with the requirements for Responsible AI among the various stakeholders in technology and oversight functions, and take deliberate steps to demonstrate action on those goals and take responsibility for the results.”

Several government regulations on AI are on the horizon, including the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence (AIA) Act, and New York City bill that states that AI employment decision tools must be audited for bias before January 1, 2023. Organizations must responsibly operate or develop their AI governance framework in anticipation of these and other ever-changing government regulations.

To date, AI governance has been manual, unscalable, and unable to provide the oversight necessary to prevent AI from behaving unintentionally. This leaves businesses exposed to extreme risk and operational overhead, creating a desire for a new solution. Credo AI’s Accountable AI Platform is the first AI governance platform that creates accountability structures throughout the AI ​​lifecycle, from data acquisition to model deployment. With Credo AI, governance enables organizations to deploy AI systems faster while managing risk exposure.

Aim Creed AI
Credo AI Lens is an open-source Responsible AI (RAI) assessment framework. It provides a single entry point to a curated ecosystem of assessments developed by Credo AI and the wider open source community.

Lens covers various areas of AI-related risk, including fairness, security, performance, transparency, and others, which can be assessed on many types of models and datasets. Additionally, Lens is extensible and easily expanded with custom modules derived from other tools or proprietary code.

By standardizing AI evaluation, Lens allows ML practitioners to easily integrate RAI evaluation of models and datasets into their existing workflow, and speeds time to production of new solutions. When combined with the Responsible AI Governance Platform, Lens assessments are translated into an actionable form understandable by various stakeholders, making the development of AI systems a more collaborative process.

With Credo AI, organizations are able to better understand and address potential governance blind spots within their AI applications, ML models, datasets, and processes. Existing customers have access to the available release and full feature list of Credo AI Responsible AI Governance. New customers can request a demo or visit credo.ai for more information.

About Credo AI
Founded in 2020, Credo AI is a venture-backed company whose mission is to empower organizations to deliver responsible AI (RAI) at scale. Credo AI brings context-driven governance and risk assessment to ensure compliant, fair, transparent, and auditable development and use of AI. Credo AI’s intelligent SaaS platform enables companies to measure, monitor and manage the risks introduced by AI at scale. Credo AI empowers organizations to build AI with the highest ethical standards, so they are able to reap its enormous benefits while mitigating unintended negative consequences. Credo AI customers include one of the largest cloud providers, a Fortune 500 Global financial services group, and one of the largest defense contractors among other Global 2000. Learn more about Credo AI, visit: credo.ai.



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