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Federal grant spurs expansion of FHSU’s de-escalation training center



By FHSU University Communications

HAYS, Kan. – The Department of Criminal Justice at Fort Hays State University recently received an additional $1.5 million to expand operations of the Central Region De-escalation Training Center. This is the department’s second major federal grant in the past year. In October 2021, the program received an initial grant of $1.25 million.

FHSU hosts one of several regional training centers within a national network under the direction of the National De-escalation Training Center (NDTC). The de-escalation training model used by the center’s instructors expands the ability of law enforcement officers to interact with the people they serve and de-escalate potential situations that could otherwise escalate into a use of force .

The most recent source of funding comes from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) under the Byrne Discretionary Community Project Grants program. This program supports projects that improve the functioning of the criminal justice system.

The Department of Criminal Justice plans to use this new funding to:

  • Increase the number of law enforcement officers trained in de-escalation, both through online and in-person courses
  • Increase program research capabilities to advance de-escalation as an evidence-based practice
  • Organize a research and training conference to disseminate lessons learned and best practices
  • Support the national network of de-escalation training centers with targeted investments that will support long-term sustainability
  • Launch a global advertising campaign to increase the center’s visibility and increase the number of agency training partners
  • Establish a prominent location on campus for center offices and training spaces

“We would like to thank Senator Jerry Moran for his continued support of the Regional Training Center at Fort Hays State University,” said Dr. Tamara Lynn, Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Director of the Regional Center for de-escalation training.

“The efforts of U.S. Senator Jerry Moran and his team were invaluable in securing the critical funding that led to the rapid expansion of the Regional De-escalation Training Center at Fort Hays State University. Without the support of Senator Moran, we would not be able to train law enforcement officers in advanced de-escalation to improve citizen encounters while advancing community policing initiatives.”

For more information on the FHSU Regional De-escalation Training Center, visit https://www.fhsu.edu/criminaljustice/regional-training-center