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How to get a free or cheap laptop for college

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While there is no lack of money saving tips for every college student to knowsome costs for higher education are unavoidable, such as the purchase of a laptop computer. And with computer prices up 1.3% in the last month alonefinding a good deal on this essential item isn’t always easy. Fortunately, a handful of organizations have made it their mission to connect students facing financial hardship with a free laptop to use for their schooling.

Funded by nonprofit educational organizations, these groups will provide eligible students with reliable technology to give them an opportunity for academic success. If you are enrolled in an accredited four-year program and need financial assistance to purchase a laptop computer, consider applying to one of the following organizations:

Computers with causes. Computers with Causes is a non-profit organization organization that aims to provide refurbished computers, donated by donors, to help low-income families, foster children, associations, the elderly, and disabled veterans in need. To receive a computer, you must complete a computer application form, which will ask you about your current financial situation, including whether you are currently receiving government assistance in the form of TANF, SSI, SSDI, Welfare, Food Stamps , etc. Your request will be reviewed by the organization, where a decision will be made within 30 days regarding your eligibility for a free computer.

Dell Scholarship Program. The Dell Scholars Program selects 500 students each year to provide a financial support system for those who may face financial hardship while pursuing their education. After submitting an application, the semi-finalists are chosen who must then provide a copy of their high school transcript, a full student aid report from their FAFSA, and an online recommendation. To call this strictly a “program that provides a free laptop” would be to bury the advance, as they offer each of their scholarship recipients a $20,000 scholarship, as well.

Laptops 4 Learning. Laptops 4 Learning is an organization that provides 25 refurbished laptops to qualified participants every month during their reward period. To apply, you must create a 90 second video describing your need for assistance from the organization. To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen (or U.S. permanent resident), be at least 18 years old, and currently enrolled or intending to enroll in an accredited college or university located in the United States.

PC for individuals. PCs for People is an organization whose mission is to provide digital assistance for educational opportunities for people with low incomes, families with children and people with disabilities. Although it’s not free, PCs for People sells refurbished laptops at a heavily discounted rate, with prices starting at $100, like as long as you meet them income requirements. PCs for People has distributed over 190,000 computers since 1998, and each purchase comes with one year of hardware guarantee.

Connect all. Relate All is a membership program that helps people access technology through recycled technology. Relate All sell Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, Microsoft and Apple laptops from $79. Unlike other programs, you don’t need to show proof of need to purchase any of their products; anyone can buy from their website. All computers are backed by a one-year warranty and come pre-installed with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software.