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IBHS Advances Work on Standard for Mitigation of Prepared Fireplaces Against Forest Fires


RICHBURG, South Carolina, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) today announced that it has advanced its Wildfire Prepared Home ™ designation program after working closely with stakeholders since plans to establish a standard were shared for the first time in August 2021. Wildfire Prepared Home is a research-based standard that distinguishes a home as being resistant to forest fires. The new designations are expected to be available in summer 2022.

As forest fires have become a more frequent and intense danger for suburban areas, landlords, insurers, communities and policy makers have a common interest in building resilience to forest fires to reduce both suffering. human and property losses. Recognizing that effective risk reduction will require broad adoption of a coherent set of research-based actions, the association has defined the required set of mitigation actions that, taken together, will significantly reduce the risk of forest fire of a given property. Throughout the development of Wildfire Prepared Home, IBHS engaged a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives from CAL. FIRE and the California Department of Insurance, to ensure the program both creates significant risk reduction and is achievable for homeowners.

“We are using the science of wildfires to help homeowners and communities adapt to the growing threat of wildfires. Together, research, data analysis and insights from other forest fire leaders make this possible, ”says Roy Wright, President and CEO of IBHS. “We now know enough to define a series of pragmatic and effective actions as research continues to advance our knowledge. We can’t wait to start implementing what we know is making a difference now. “

Forest fire prepared fireplace designations will initially be available for single family homes in California. A self-assessment process prior to submitting an application for designation will help homeowners understand the requirements of the program and determine if their home qualifies or will require further mitigation. Homeowners who receive a designation will also be committed to maintaining their property for the duration of the designation due to the need for an impeccably maintained defensible space to ensure that a property remains resistant to wildfires.

Wildfire Prepared Home is rooted in the science presented in the Roadmaps for Suburban Wildfire Adaptation, originally published in august 2020, and based on a decade of research at the IBHS Research Center, as well as the teachings of other leaders in forest fire science. IBHS has now updated the roadmaps to include new research from 2021 and will continue with updates in the years to come as research progresses, ensuring that Wildfire Prepared Home remains a reflection of the latest scientific advancements. .

“The Roadmaps for Suburban Forest Fire Adaptation bring together years of forest fire research, information and technical knowledge. From now on, Wildfire Prepared Home will translate our detailed technical reports into an applicable standard that owners will have to meet, ”said Murray Morrison, PhD, director general of research at IBHS. “While we have the research to lay the groundwork for Wildfire Prepared Home, we will continue to pursue wildfire science and quickly incorporate new findings into roadmaps for suburban wildfire adaptation and Wildfire Prepared Home. “

The draft framework for the forest fire prepared house outlines the proposed requirements to meet and maintain the designation in the program, as well as additional measures to receive a more stringent designation for the forest fire prepared house + more. Since the risk a home faces is influenced by the characteristics of the neighborhood in which it is located, IBHS strives to identify neighborhood characteristics that are critical to reducing the risk of forest fires during the continued development of the program. .

IBHS will periodically update wildfireprepared.org as the program progresses.

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