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Kia Sorento PHEVs will participate in the Rebelle Rally


Kia has announced its participation in the Rebelle Rally with its new Sorento PHEV SUV. Kia has unveiled the modified, track-ready plug-in hybrids that will compete in the race. The vehicles were inspired by the “rugged and adventurous” concepts of Zion and Yosemite Sorento X-Line were revealed last year. Kia says additional upgrades have been added to ensure vehicles can survive the 1,500 mile desert navigation challenge.

The vehicles were customized by a woman-owned company called LGE-CTS Motorsports. Both vehicles received custom wraps in colors similar to the Desert Sand and Pine Green paint finishes found on the Kia Zion and Yosemite concept vehicles. Modifications to the vehicle include heavy duty underbody armor to protect the undercarriage and front bumper protection and skid plate.

The front bumpers have tow points attached and the ground clearance is increased slightly with the help of an added one-inch spacer. Both vehicles run on the same 17-inch KMC matte black wheels fitted with Hankook’s Dynapro AT2 all-axle tires. Additionally, both custom vehicles are fitted with roof rack systems to transport equipment to help lift the vehicle out of the desert sands if needed.

The rear seats of both SUVs have been removed to allow for an interior cargo mounting system. These racks are designed to prevent gear from sliding inside the cabin while providing drivers and mariners with easy access when needed.

Kia also confirmed that it is donating $ 10,000 to Girls Inc. and that the charity is receiving an additional $ 5,000 from the Rebelle Rally. The rally takes place from October 7 to 16. The Rebelle Rally is an event reserved for women and several major car manufacturers participate.