Home Support system Meridian City Council welcomes Borton, Bernt & Cavener again

Meridian City Council welcomes Borton, Bernt & Cavener again


The Meridian city council meeting began on Tuesday with the swearing in of familiar faces.

In a moving ceremony, incumbents Joe Borton, Treg Bernt and Luke Cavener were officially sworn in to their city council seats.


Borton was first sworn in in 2005 and this year marks his fourth term on city council. He told the board and the gallery that he was just as “energized” by what was coming as he was 15 to 20 years ago.

“From an early age, I was rooted in the belief that we have a moral responsibility to give back to the community. We take great advantage of what our city has to offer, ”said Borton. “We are safe. It’s a clean community. It is a friendly community. And we treat each other like family. And that’s all I take advantage of. So I have an obligation. If I can help, give back, and get involved in bringing this to others, I will continue to do so. “

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Bernt was next on the register. Fighting back tears, he began by thanking his family, whom he called his support system, for staying by his side until Tuesday night and the entire campaign.

Screenshot of Luke Cavener speaking to council after the election.

“Thank you to the citizens of Meridian. Those who voted for me and even those who did not vote, ”said Bernt. “It is heartbreaking to know that you have the support of so many people who have entrusted you with the duties of this coat that we are wearing and so very grateful for it and know that I will not let you down.”

Cavener, who was in a close race with challenger Mike Hon who came down to 56 votes, began by thanking board member Bernt. From there, he took several moving minutes to talk about the campaign process and thank all of his supporters.

“It was a very unique race,” said Cavener. “And I recognize that there are almost as many people who are delighted to see me here as there are people who would have preferred to see someone else in this seat and therefore those who support me, I say thank you. I hope I will work the next four years to validate your confidence in me. And for the other half, that didn’t think I was the right fit for that seat. I look forward to having these four years to show you that I deserve to be supported.