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Pre-orders of this electromagnetic rifle are taken for $ 3,775



Historically, it was expected that the spool cannon concepts, as well as the rail cannon, would require extreme amounts of power, and therefore be very bulky, to be viable military weapons. For example, the US Navy has for years experimented with a high-speed rail gun for use on surface ships and has been able to fire shells at speeds in excess of 4,500 miles per hour, or approximately six times the speed of sound, in land operations. test. Despite the progress made, the program was eventually cut from this year’s budget. It is unclear how much of the program’s research and development could have shifted to classified programs, if any, although retired Navy Admiral John Richardson, then chief of naval operations, said in 2019 that the service had “learned a lot [about] engineering to build something like this that can handle so much electromagnetic energy and not just explode, “adding that” it’s too good a weapon system, so it’s going somewhere, hopefully. “

Other countries, including China, continue to move forward with similar-sized gun concepts.

So while huge on-board railguns or high powered Gauss rifles may be years away from deployment, if the claims of Arcflash Labs turn out to be true, you can at least get your hands on a super low powered version for just a few thousand dollars.

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