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Prime Minister of Tasmania – Investing in critical health infrastructure to deliver more mental health services


March 3, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing

This week’s State of the State Address demonstrates that the Liberal Government of Tasmania is building the critical health infrastructure needed to support the delivery of health services to the Tasmanian community now and in the future.

This includes our $20.7 million commitment to the new St John’s Park mental health facility and the Peacock Center redevelopment, which together will provide 27 new short-term mental health rehabilitation beds in the community.

Today the government released the artist’s impressions of the new facility at St John’s Park in New Town, which will include 15 short-term recovery beds and an integration center bringing together a range of care and support services support.

The Australian Government is providing $10 million for the development of the Tasmanian Eating Disorder Service, also based at the St John’s Park site, which will include a residential component and day and evening programmes.

This week, a development application for St John’s Park will be lodged with Hobart City Council and the project is being considered by the Public Works Committee in May.

The project is expected to go to tender in the second half of this year, with construction expected to begin by the end of the year and be completed in early 2024.

The new St John’s Park facility will complement the redevelopment of the Peacock Centre, where work recently resumed following a fire at that site late last year.

Construction of the Peacock Center is scheduled for completion in November 2022, with the facility scheduled to open in December 2022, providing 12 short-term recovery beds and an integration centre.

We also committed $120 million to build two new mental health service neighborhoods for all ages in the upstate and northwest.

These new purpose-built wards will bring together inpatient and community mental health services at North West Regional Hospital and Launceston General Hospital.

We continue to recruit additional staff across the state and know that providing contemporary healthcare facilities also helps attract and retain healthcare professionals.

As government, we are delighted to advance these much-needed developments that will help ensure seamless integration between inpatient mental health care and community services.

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