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Republicans led by Freda sweep the 2021 municipal election in North Haven



By Jenn McCulloch / Zip06.com • 04/11/2021 5:09 PM EST

Of North Haven’s 18,079 registered voters, 6,058 went to the polls for the 2021 municipal election for a turnout of 33.5%, just above the average turnout of 30.17% in the statewide. The North Haven Republican Party dominated the ballot box, winning all contested races on the ballot, including first-time Selectman Mike Freda winning re-election with 85.44% of the vote.

“As [Republican Town Committee] President, I am very proud of our entire team of candidates led by First Selectman Freda, ”said Jim DiCarlo. “I think of the voters of North Haven who have shown overwhelming confidence in our Republican team.”

Republicans claimed the vacant seats on all boards and commissions except the two-year vacancy on the Assessment Appeal Board, which was claimed by Nupur Garg (D), who was not opposed. Republican Donald Clark ran unopposed for the post of city treasurer.

The following candidates won seats: Dyann Vissicchio and James Lainos on the Finance Council; Randi Petersen and Ronald Bathrick on the Board of Education; Ralph Ricciardelli on the Board of Assessment Appeals (full term); Vern Carlson on the Planning and Zoning Commission; Paul Weymann and Mark Parisi as alternates for the Planning and Zoning Commission; Carolyn Yaccarino and Andrew Gorry on the Zoning Board of Appeals; Luigi Coppola and Robert Neilsen as alternates for the Zoning Board of Appeals; Lawrence Lazaroff and Robert Hannon at the Police Commission; and Vincenzo Gallo and Pasquale Nuzzolillo on the Fire Commission.

The first Selectman Mike Freda was re-elected for his seventh term, receiving 5,106 votes against 870 for Democrat Carl M. Kordek. The Selectmen Council remained unchanged with William Pieper (R) returning as second selectman with 4,014 votes and Sally Buemi (R) reinstalled as third selectman with 1,812 votes. Incumbent J. Stacey Yarbrough was re-elected as City Clerk with 4,372 votes to 1,477 for Kathy A. Spinato-Grant.

“I am very grateful and touched by the immense support I have received with my colleagues,” said Freda. “When someone in my position receives this kind of support, it tells me that these citizens not only love what we do but trust what we do, and that invigorates me.”

After Freda ran unopposed in 2019, he was challenged by Kordek in the 2021 election, who noted it was a “great election season.” Before the election in a heavily Republican town, Kordek knew he was facing a tough road.

“North Haven leans heavily in one direction and every time you go against that it’s tough, but somewhat predictable,” Kordek said. “I hope that two years from now, voters will see the possibilities at their fingertips in the next election and vote for the future we deserve in North Haven, not the one we have now. Our community has the capacity to be much more than what we have now. I respect the voters and recognize the hold of the Republican Party on residents who have known only one leader for a very long time.

Kordek notes that he is happy to see the administration address the issues he raised during his campaign, including park and recreation revitalization initiatives, the introduction of unique new businesses to make North Haven a destination, funding expansion and advancement within the fire and police services. , and the deployment of higher quality education for our students.

“I hope that over time a full examination can be made of the land banking problems on the north side of Washington Avenue, which have interrupted or delayed economic developments over the past decade,” Kordek said. “If they are true champions of the community and businesses that support North Haven, they should want the best for the future of North Haven. I wish this municipal government all the best for the next two years. “

As she looks to the future, Freda has several immediate goals in mind as he “continually strives to be better.” Having recently added more police, Freda will remain “very aware” of public safety, supporting the city’s emergency services.

“We will never get to a point where we reduce our model of service to our residents,” said Freda. “Our goal is to always increase and improve the level of service while maintaining a reasonable level of service. “

Freda plans to continue improving the city’s parks, grounds and recreational facilities, noting the popularity of the newly installed pickle ball fields, to make them “a destination” for residents and their families.

Freda is also looking to work on the aesthetics of the Town Green, including replacing the exploded park benches with new ones. He is also exploring options for a more permanent but “aesthetic” structure to replace the showmobile for concerts and other events on the green, as well as to extend the summer concert series by an additional two weeks.

Freda looks forward to the next two years in office, building on the 12 years he has already served as first manager. Throughout his tenure, Freda said he got to know many residents and families.

“Being competitive since my sports career, I fight against myself every time I look at myself in the mirror and combine that with 12 years in this office and I have developed a huge love and passion for the people here, this which allows me to continue to perform at a very high energy level, ”said Freda. “I want to thank the residents for trusting me and I will never let my citizens down because of the trust and support they have given me. It motivates me to keep reaching even higher levels.