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Six new members join the CIH professional standards committee


Six new members join the CIH professional standards committee

The Approved housing institute (CIH) has appointed six new members to its Professional Standards Committee (PSC) after a recent recruitment drive.

The PSC is a delegated council within the governance structure of the CIH. This group has been meeting since 2016 and is made up of a maximum of ten members from the four countries of the United Kingdom.

The PSC has a number of functions, including:

  • Support the continued development of the professionalism work of the CIH, including the professional standards framework and the path to professional recognition
  • Act as a sounding board as we refine and revise our CPD offer to integrate it into our professionalism work
  • Ensure compliance with the CIH code of conduct by CIH members
  • Help ensure that the membership stays up to date and valuable, with strong professional values ​​at the core.

The new members of the committee are:

  • Martin Hayle, director of care and support at Citizen Housing
  • Sandra Maguire, Director of Neighborhood Operations (West Essex) at Moat
  • Lindsay Driscoll, training advisor at Sysco Business Skills Academy
  • Linsay Baverstock, partner at Settle
  • Janine Green, specialist in community safety and anti-social behavior (ASB)
  • Patricia harrington, future responsible for the engagement of workspaces, Aspire Housing.

Stephen Cook, Chair of the CIH Professional Standards Committee, said: “Every day, housing professionals create opportunities for people to find a home they can build from for the rest of their lives. The work we do is so important, which is why the Professional Standards Committee exists, to help continuously develop the CIH career path and review the continuing professional development offer.

“As we move forward with the details laid out in the Social Housing White Paper, it’s an important time for the industry to focus on professional standards and it was fantastic to see the engagement of so many people who have asked to join the committee. I really look forward to welcoming the new members and working with them to improve professional standards across housing.