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The relationship between your hotel booking engine and your website


The relationship between your hotel booking engine and your website


Each hotel aims to increase its direct bookings. Not only do they save on commission fees paid to third parties like OTAs, but they also have full control over building customer relationships early on and building loyalty. Hotel Booking Engine is the gateway to direct bookings. The success of booking your hotel directly depends on the efficiency of your hotel reservation system and a smooth booking experience for guests. Here is the role of the hotel website.

The website is your storefront. It’s a reflection of your brand and what you promise to deliver. A slow loading website is one of the main reasons customers turn to other booking platforms like OTAs or other hotels abandoning their bookings on your website. Along with this, other reasons include boring design, clunky user interface, and immobility. The booking experience can change the whole travel plan.

It’s true that a good online hotel booking engine will improve the user experience by simplifying the process and allowing potential customers to make a reservation with just a few clicks. But only an attractive website design and interface will attract the customer to click the “Book Now” button and enter the booking page. Can a booking engine provide this with a lagging website?

Hotel booking engine and website go hand in hand

The majority of hoteliers view booking engines and websites as 2 different products and are unaware of the effect of one on the other. Even the best hotel booking engine on the internet needs the support of the hotel website it is hosted on to convert visitors into customers.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Your hotel’s booking engine and website are each other’s support system.

Let’s see how they are interrelated:

1. Website Design Influences Booking Engine Traffic

The look and feel of your hotel website has a significant impact on the traveler’s booking pattern. No matter how efficient or user-friendly the booking engine may be, the customer won’t be happy to click the “Book Now” button if your website is boring and slow. Thus affecting the traffic on your hotel booking engine. An unattractive hotel website design will not attract the user to the booking gateway. Therefore, it is essential to successfully integrate your hotel reservation system with an attractive website.

2. Good optimization simplifies the management of ARIs

According to a recent survey by eRevMax, 57% of hoteliers update their room rates and inventory multiple times a day. Consider manually updating pricing and availability individually on each platform whenever you change it. This will not only waste your time, but also delay the update and affect performance. With a properly optimized Internet booking engine and a hotel website of the same degree, it will be much easier and faster to update your ARI in real time. Two-way XML connectivity will automatically extract data simplifying hotel reservation management for you.

3. Seamless integration decides the user experience

If the two are not properly integrated, your potential guest may end up typing the search term over and over again and land on the wrong page. This repetitive process will increase booking time and decrease the user’s rating on the experience scale. This is why it is suggested to apply for a booking engine and website design and development by the same company as RateTiger.

4. Mobile functionality triggers booking

According Stratosjets, 70% of US travelers begin their booking journey on a smartphone. Imagine that the booking engine you use is mobile-friendly, but your website is not, or vice versa. Will it allow the user to seamlessly book a room in your hotel from their mobile phone? By limiting the user experience on your site, you will lose potential customers to the best OTAs known to deliver a mobile-friendly booking experience throughout the booking journey. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly hotel reservation system and website is key to winning direct bookings.

As a hotelier, your ultimate goal is to get the user to click the Call-to-Action button on your website. To do this, your website must be intuitive enough to grab the user’s attention and properly integrated with the hotel booking engine to provide a seamless booking experience. The hotel booking engine and brand website work together to drive direct bookings and increase revenue for your property.

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