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UK pandemic beats minority, self-employed: research


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British ethnic minorities, the self-employed and low-income families were more likely to have a “surprisingly positive” standard of living during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report released Thursday. Suffering from a significant level of deprivation.

Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) Think Tank Annual Report In terms of living standards, poverty and inequality have identified these groups as the hardest hit, although unprecedented state support has eased the challenges. worst effects of the crisis.

This study follows other studies showing that British minorities are more likely to worsen their health and economic outcomes during a pandemic and are less likely to accept the vaccine.

“As the economy recovers, the speed and degree of recovery of these groups will be an important determinant of the pandemic legacy,” said report co-author Tom Warnam. It was.

Around 15% of ethnic minority Britons were behind household bills in early 2021, up from 12% before the pandemic.

The proportion of adults in Pakistan and Bangladesh remained 10 points above pre-pandemic levels in early 2021, with all adults living in jobless or laid-off households.

The report added that household unemployment for black adults rose 2.4 points, above the national average of 1.9.

The percentage of self-employed workers who lost all their jobs in the first blockade in March 2020 and did not pay household bills has risen from 2% before the pandemic to 15%.

36% of self-employed workers (many of whom have been hit hard by events, arts and culture) despite the government’s flagship layoff system, which has paid millions of workers since March 2020 (Working in the department) was not eligible for self-employment from government. Employment income assistance system.

Researchers also found that more families suffering from the working poor lagged behind the UK’s first national blockade in March last year, with a market share dropping from 9% to 21%. I found it.

This figure fell to 10% in the first quarter of 2021, but 13% of these families economic situation It will deteriorate in the near future.

Tom Waters, one of the report’s authors, said the success of the dismissal system largely explained the “surprisingly positive” UK statistics on deprivation and the labor market.

But he added that with the aid withdrawn, the ability of people to return to their old jobs and find new ones will be an important factor in their standard of living.

The government’s dismissal system initially paid 80 percent of employee wages to avoid mass unemployment, but will be phased out by the end of September.

The weekly £ 20 ($ 28, € 23) increase in universal credit, Social Security’s main payment, will also end at that time.

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