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Unit4 2022 Business Future Index 2022 Shows Improving Business Resilience – ERP Today


Unit4, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for midsize service companies, has released findings from the second annual Business Future Index.

The company surveyed 3,450 people in 12 global markets to understand how the company’s performance over the past 12 months has been affected by the pandemic and reveals how changes in people strategies, labor policies business and technology adoption have accelerated.

More than nine in ten organizations report a sharp acceleration in their activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the results. This acceleration includes digital transformation efforts (52%), flexible work practices (51%), and the adoption of software and tools to improve productivity and the employee experience (45%).

Organizations that have embraced the change have seen clear benefits ranging from better digitization of the workplace (80%), improved well-being (74%), stronger team collaboration (73%) and a better customer/end-user experience (72%).

Organizations have also become more resilient during the pandemic, with 49% able to recruit from a wider geographic area. Those reporting a major adoption of workflow automation and/or real-time reporting felt this positive staffing benefit even more (54% and 52% respectively).

Additionally, the index highlights priorities where organizations can focus their action plans to accelerate change in the areas of people, policy and ESG tools in response to competitive pressures and to improve well-being. being, productivity and employee experience. Key business priorities for the next 12 months were highlighted as attracting and retaining talent, creating new products and services, and digital transformation.

Providing a framework for businesses, the Business Future Index 2022 indicates a specific course of action in which investments can be targeted to generate tangible benefits.

Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4, said: “As with every crisis, the pandemic has shown that organizations that are ready to be more innovative and progressive in their people and technology strategies, as well as company policies, came out on top in terms of business performance. . Looking forward to 2023, businesses around the world will face myriad pressures such as geopolitical issues, inflation and rising energy prices, as well as continued competition for talent. The ability to adapt to such challenges is essential, without hesitation or inertia, as it can have a lasting impact on future performance.