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Vari-Lite launches X-Series console designed for theater and concert lighting


Vari-Lite launches X-Series console designed for theater and concert lighting

Vari-Lite, industry pioneers in moving head lighting control and entertainment lighting brand Signify, announced the Neo X15 and Neo X5, a family of high performance lighting consoles designed for mixed-use facilities such as performing arts centers, stadiums and arenas, houses of worship, studios, schools and more.

“Large-format entertainment lighting consoles are typically focused on either theater lighting or live event lighting, but traditionally not both,” says Jon Hole, Global Product Manager, Vari-Lite Controls at Signify. “However, many installations are multi-functional and need the capabilities of a high-end console that works for all the different types of events and levels of user experience in the space. Series X consoles offer a platform – Feature-rich, customizable shape perfect for theater and live event lighting, at a price that won’t take up the whole upgrade budget.

The new X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship high-performance lighting console, offering 15 multi-functional motorized readouts and backlit encoders, and can output over 50,000 ready-to-use channels. The intuitive hardware layout includes two integrated monitors, a touchscreen control panel, and integrated audio I/O connectivity that makes it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects, video, and more. A smaller, five-fader X5 console is due out early next year, with the same processor, build quality and 100 universes of DMX as the X15.

“Designers want consoles that are built to last, with stable, mature software and a tough, resilient build design,” adds Hole. “Even if the consoles are not in use during a touring production, they are still often moved around the facility, being installed in a different location when the show is scheduled than when the show is operating. The X15 uses the mature Neo platform and features premium materials and an all-in-one design, ensuring it will perform for years.

The all-new X-Series Neo 4.0 software helps designers find the perfect look in less time by including an advanced effects engine that supports pixel mapping, media playback, timelines and more. “The new Neo 4.0 software touchscreen interface is more console-like than ever, providing quick access to palettes, groups, macros and effects,” says Hole. “This makes the console quick and easy to use, and thanks to a robust training and support system, with built-in training videos, global technical support, online forums and groups, and an interactive manual, customers can be up and running quickly, adapting the interface to suit their needs and getting the look they want in less time.

October 20, 2022