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What’s New at UTSA as Over 34,000 Roadrunners Start Classes Today | UTSA today | UTSA



AUGUST 22, 2022 — The fall semester is officially underway, as today marks the first day of classes for over 34,000 UTSA students. Undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students will pursue studies in more than 180 programs to become leaders in tomorrow’s workforce.

Some of these study programs are new to the university. Starting this fall, UTSA is offering a BS in Applied Cyber ​​Analytics that will give students the skills to secure data and analyze potential threats attempting to penetrate data networks. Graduates of this program will learn cloud security, risk management, and threat intelligence. By training in data analytics and cyber security, they will gain an understanding of the cyber domain and its unique data sets and business intelligence needs.

Another new Bachelor of Science degree, in Neuroscience, is offered by the College of Science. The degree program gives students the opportunity to explore brain function and disease across multiple disciplines, including neurobiology, psychology, and computer science. The undergraduate degree is exceptional preparation for graduate school, medical or dental school, as well as a wide range of careers in biotechnology, education, artificial intelligence and other professions in the field. health.

The College of Education and Human Development will also launch its new BA in Equity and Education. Students in this program will explore what it means to be a culturally sensitive community change agent through innovative coursework and hands-on experiences. The professional knowledge and skills provided in this new degree program will prepare graduates to work with diverse learners in diverse school settings.

In addition to these new undergraduate programs at UTSA, the Margie and Bill Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design is launching a new MS in Aerospace Engineering. The MSc is designed to prepare degree-seeking students or degree holders in mechanical engineering or a related field with the fundamental engineering knowledge necessary for a successful career in the aerospace industry.

Along with new curricula, nearly 100 new full-time faculty debut in UTSA classrooms today. Marking another year of outstanding new recruits, they bring their talents from a host of prestigious institutions across the country and around the world. Notably, within this cohort, more than 75% of tenured and tenure-track faculty graduated from Carnegie R1 Research Institutes.

UTSA also welcomes students to the university’s Southwest campus, following the university’s integration with the Southwest School of Art. In July 2022, UTSA warmly welcomed six faculty and 25 staff members to the university who will primarily support students at South West Campus. The new campus reaffirms UTSA’s commitment to supporting the long-term continuity of high-quality arts education for the benefit of the entire San Antonio community – from youth to lifelong learners – and to honor and preserve the beauty and history of the campus. The site promotes education and enrichment and is located near other cultural and arts centers, including the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.