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Winner of the Red Rose Awards: Serconnect


Winner: New Business Award and Small Business Award

About Us

Serconnect is an independent connection provider registered with the National Electricity Scheme.

We provide a fully managed turnkey service for the design and installation of low voltage electrical infrastructure up to 11kV.

We specialize in the installation of substations, including cabling and necessary civil works, for electric vehicle charging banks, new industrial estates and residential developments.

Our achievements

Since our inception two years ago, we have grown to 18 employees and won major framework contracts covering nationwide substation maintenance and power outages in the North West.

We are also fast becoming the North West’s leading substation installer with a strong 2022/2023 backlog for installation projects that help prepare the country’s infrastructure to go all-electric by 2030.

What the judges said

“Born out of necessity during the pandemic and funded by savings, Serconnect demonstrates strong leadership, ambition and vision with growth results to match.

“The company has succeeded in adversity while continuing to invest in the company and its employees.

“A down-to-earth approach, backed by experience, has given Serconnect the edge in winning quality work as well as recruiting and retaining staff.”

And after

Our company is in the process of tendering for additional frame contracts as well as building a sales team to secure further source substation installation work.

We are also putting in place plans to build a civil engineering branch in order to fully internalize the excavation and rehabilitation works.